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Louie Giglio – Laminin

One Prayer

I belong to a Christian lifegroup called God’s Workmanship ( ) that meets online from 8-9pm CST to talk about the message we saw this week at We basically do life together. We have ups and downs. But mainly, we love on each other and offer prayer and acceptance.

During the month of July we are also doing a side series called One Prayer. This is where we look to other great Christian men and women who share the Gospel. We share links and messages these folks give. I am finding them very awe inspiring and many hit so close to home for me. I want to share this video of Louie Giglio talking about Laminin. Laminin is a scientific term. You will need to watch the video to understand how this relates to God.

You can read Louie Giglio’s biography at

I had a fellow I went to college with that is really into science and how that relates to religion or belief in creation. I know there has always been a debate about how the world began. Creation for me is by God. I know others believe in Darwinism. It’s all ok to me how other people do believe. That is what they believe and it’s ok by me. I hope/wish they knew the God I have come to know. The loving God that has forgiven me. For me, just knowing that I will always be forgiven when I confess what I have done, it a total relief to me. Being accepted just the way I am. Not many people in this world can do that for me. There are grudges that last a very long time.

My sister is a very good example of that. She has held this grudge against me for the past couple years. She hasn’t spoken to me since last Christmas and that was just a hi. Nothing else. I know why she is upset, but there is really nothing that can be done about it. My feeling is that she needs to grow up and just get over it. The situation really has nothing to do with her. It’s a thing between my mom and me. Mom and I have an understanding and get along just fine. So, people can really hold onto those things that don’t need to held onto for a long time. I hope my sister finds so resolution with all this. But that is not my issue to deal with. It’s hers.



  • Louie Giglio – Laminin – YouTube
    This blew me away!! A snippet from a great message entitled “How great is our God!” by Louie Giglio, this section talks about Laminin, an amazing molecule in…

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