Life and Everyday


It hurts

Today I have been going through some terrible turmoil. My heart is in pain for a dear dear friend of mine. I have been literally crying my heart out today. I kept wondering…where is God when I need him? Do I have to do this alone?

My friend is going through a really hard time too. She is trying to make some big changes but sees herself in the same rut she has been to many times. It feels like a losing battle to her. But it’s not. There is hope. But I don’t know if she sees it.

We talked tonight some. She is angry. She is hurting. I can’t fix it or her. Sometimes things are bigger than the both of us. Only God can handle. It’s been a long couple hours of talking with her. Telling her how I feel. Trying not to place blame or judge or make her feel so badly that she will continue to dislike herself. I don’t know what else to say to her or anyone other than I love her and care for her very much. Sometime honesty hurts. I can’t fix what it wrong. But I can turn it over to God. That is my decision right now. I give it to Him. Let Him do the fixing. Let him take the pain in my heart tonight.

Another dear friend of mine posted this video on facebook tonight. I watched it and it reminds me that God is with me even when I don’t feel him near. He is pulling me close and will help me through this time of rain. Please take a look and listen to this video.

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