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More info regarding Iowa Medicaid and WLS

I received an email this afternoon regarding the end of  Iowa Medicaid paying for weight loss surgery.  This email is from Janelle Heusinger.  I am just going to copy and paste.  Please help overturn this proposal, even though it’s not on the agenda tomorrow at the meeting.  Governor Branstad needs to look at the whole issue and not just cut this and that for the folks who really need the help.

Patients needed tomorrow. Please help us! ( Sorry short notice) Please let me know if you can help represent with us tomorrow.  Dr. Lamasters will be present after 2:30 at this meeting.

I’m emailing all of our members in Iowa regarding the decision for Iowa Medicaid to withdraw coverage for weight loss surgery.  If you could share this email with anyone who might be interested.

A Medicaid advisory council will be meeting this Friday from 1-4 Friday 7/22/2011, 1pm-4pm,  Iowa Medicaid Enterprise at 100 Army Post Road in Des Moines, Iowa

(Their next meeting after that is Oct 21st). WLS is _not_ on their stated agenda (see the web page below), but such might have been prepared a while ago. We suspect you would have some opportunity to meet Advisory Council members  for the purpose of expressing to them your appreciation for their support (past, current, and future) of WLS over the years, independent of the governor’s decision. Also, you might also learn what they think about the recent legislation and what their current recommendations might be.

Thank you in advance for helping -- via whatever means -- show the world all that we can be, working together. Please share your thoughts:,messageboard/board_id,4814/ .
Please share your thoughts at the above link.  Please help those of us who are really trying to change our lives for the better.  Thanks.

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