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30 Day Blog: #3 My First Love

I grew up in the 70’s and 80’s.  Actually graduated in 1988.  Seems like eons ago.  When I was going to high school….there wasn’t a whole lot to chose from.  LOL  I went to a small farming community school.  I think there were a total of 38 in my graduating class that year.  But my first love struck me when I was a sophomore.  His name is Steve.  Of course he was good friends with my brother who was the same age as him.  They were seniors.  Steve was a football player, wrestler, and I even think he was on the track team at that time.  (I would have to get my year books out to see).

This a picture of him I grabbed out of a yearbook… so anyway, memories.  Well I have some really fond memories of him.  Our lockers never were locked.  So that lead to many “love” notes and little things that he put in my locker that were treasures from him.  Awwww young love.

I remember going to prom with him, his senior year.  I am sure I have that picture somewhere around my house as well.  Prom was good.  Dancing to the hair bands and all that.  Even post prom stuff.  But what sticks out in my head about that night was that he had his motorcycle….me in my prom dress, him in his suit….we busted out of Northwood to a little bitty town in Minnesota called London.  We sat on some swings there and just talked until the sun came up.  From London you can see my parents farm….so it didn’t take long to get home.  It was a good night.  Steve is a good guy.  Have no clue where he is now, but I bet he is still a good guy.


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