Life and Everyday

Chazown: Five Spokes

When even one of the major areas of life is not functioning the way God intended, all of life can break down. There are five important spokes, or life areas, where you can live out your Chazown.

The five spokes are:

  • Your Relationship with God
  • Your Relationships with People
  • Your Financial Life
  • Your Physical Life
  • Your Work Life


You have selected that you want to work on: People, Physical

If you feel you need to work on all Five Spokes, don’t panic, and don’t try to work on all five at once! Choose the one or two spokes that need the most work and start there. Then, take step after achievable step.

One day, we will all reach the end of our life in one of two ways:

    1. With regret, saying “I could have, I should have, I wish I would have,” or
    2. With no regret, having sought God’s Chazown in each of the Five Spokes – or major areas – of our lives.

Seek God’s Chazown and instead of just ending up somewhere, you will end up somewhere, without regret, on purpose!

Watching the video of Pastor Craig talking about these five areas was indeed eye-opening for me.  I know the areas that I definitely need to work on.  My areas are PEOPLE and PHYSICAL.  In the next part of Chazown, we look at the action steps/goals to work toward with these 2 areas.  I am excited to be on this path right now.  I have many many friends from who may have done this already or are also in the works of doing it.  The thing I have found though, is that I don’t have a lot of face to face friends here, where I am living now.  Sure I have a ton of friends, but they live all over the States and some of them even overseas at the moment.  So, I hope to incorporate finding some friends around here.  Maybe start going to a church here in town.  I have been thinking about it.  Now I need to just do it.
Regarding my physical body….I know that needs work.  I have treated myself poorly most of my life.  I am hoping with the “jump start” of the weight loss surgery, that I will come to *like* exercising more?  That is the big thing.  I hate exercising now….so I am hoping as I ease my way into walking more, taking another water aerobics class this fall, and doing some other weight lifting type exercises, I will begin to love my body more and take care of it the way God intended me to.

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