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I wrote this to a group that I am in on yahoo.  Although no one in the group has responded….that is alright.  It’s a comment to something that another gal had written.  I will put her quote down first

This is what t Linda suggested I write down today.  “I have a choice, the power to get out of the (emotional) hole, or to slide deeper into it.”
This is what I wrote in response to that:  I think this is very true.
Next week I celebrate ONE year of being out of the hospital for mental health stuff. My therp Angie is having a celebration for me.  We are having pizza and pop and whatever at the cafeteria at Allen where she works.  We invited people who have been on the journey with me for the past 10 years or so.  I am nervous but excited about all that.
If it weren’t for better choices, I wouldn’t be celebrating this.  Thank you for writing it out.
I don’t know how to get this line back over to the left.  Guess I am not tech savvy yet.  LOL  but anyways, yes…It’s going to be a whole year since being inpatient any where for mental health reasons.  Amazing for me cuz I have spent the last 20 years in and out of the place.  It was my run away place when I didn’t want to deal anymore, at least that is what I call it now for the past few years.  I believe in the beginning it was a good place for me as I was horribly depressed and suicidal.
I have come a long way since I was 18, 19, 20 years old.  There are some very old friends who wish I was back to that same person years ago.  I tell ya, I don’t wanna be.  It was drama after drama.  I am 41 now and just starting to live.  It’s gotta get better than it was.  So far it IS better than it was just even one year ago.
Thanks to family and lots of friends, and GOD, I am here today.  To celebrate.  That’s all I have for tonight.  See you when I blog again tomorrow.  Hugs to all…you know who you are!!

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