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30 Day Blog Challenge – #4 My Parents

This I the only picture I could find of mom and dad at the moment.  It was taken in 1997 at church.  (Gotta love Olin Mills).  My parents are Jim and Judy Olson.   They were married in 1967.  There is 3 of us kids.  My brother, Jerry is the oldest.  Then me, and then my sister Jodi.  My parents own a farm up in north Iowa.  My mom still lives there.  In 1999, my dad was diagnosed with skin cancer.  It progressed rather quickly as he passed away in May of 2000 at the age of 57.  My dad was a very strong man.  Good sense of humor, quick to help others, and very generous.  He loved his grand kids and Case IH tractors.  My mom is the best cook ever!!  When we were younger she worked as a cook at the elementary school in town.  Was kinda cool to see mom everyday.  My mom is still a cook but works at the Senior Center…and also makes food for the Meals on Wheels program.  My mom is pretty awesome.  She is giving and sensible.  She is ready to help out when needed.  My parents we also part of those “good Lutheran” folk.  Ready with a hotdish and other goodies.


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