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More news on Medicaid of Iowa

Here is the link for the info that I have posted:

Eric Klein, Founder,, met with some bariatric folks today.  Here are a few things he suggests everyone and anyone interested in helping get the word out about how much medicaid is needed to help pay for bariatric surgery to save the lives of those that need this surgery. Please help me in the fight to save this program.  I am one of those that will very much benefit from having this surgery.  I want to live not only for me but also my daughter, my family and my friends.  I don’t want to continue to live with pain, high blood pressure, GERD, fibromylgia, arthritis, and a few other medical things.  Thanks you all for reading and helping.  ~Julie


Good news.
I just met with bariatric center staff (including Kari at Dr. LaMaster’s office), and we’re starting to get coordinated. More info to come by next week, but for now, here are some things you can do:

1) Start doing background research on these individuals here: id=53
This is the rules review committee. These elected officials will be influential in the near future. More details later.  If you could organize any research on what types of health related bills they might have voted for or against in the past, that could prove useful.

2) Share your full story!
Click here to tell your full story (as you can at this stage of your journey): te-survey.php
This is behind the MyOH tab, under “Survey”.
Please go into as much detail as you can about any expenses or lost work productivity or lost taxpayer contributions that you feel have resulted from morbid obesity. Medications, their names and possible costs. Health conditions. Lost productivity.  We’re going to be compiling these stories and sharing with lawmakers. The survey above was just one tool to help guide individuals toward before, or before & after stories, wherein we could collect as many histories as possible of WLS resulting in cost savings and other improvements.

3) Research any health writers in Iowa. Below is a list of newspapers in the state. Within these, and any orther publications, can you identify any writers or journalists with any history of covering public interest stories addressing health issues?

Ames Tribune                                    515-232-2160
Fort Dodge Messenger                 515-573-2141
Globe Gazette  (Mason City)     641-421-0524
Sioux City Journal                             800-397-3530
Quad City Times (Davenport)

Iowa City Gazette                            319-339-3101
Council Bluffs Nonpareil
Marshalltown Times Republican                641-753-6611


More soon….

1 thought on “More news on Medicaid of Iowa”

  1. Don’t do it, Julie. The weight may come off right away (notice i said “may” not “will”) but if you can’t maintain the lifestyle, it will all cone back on. Then you will feel more depressed and frustrated than you were to start with. Rather than have the surgery, try living the bariatric lifestyle without it. If you can follow the necessary steps, you won’t need the surgery to begin with, saving you great recovery time and pain.

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