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Weight Loss Surgery News

With all the crap stuff going on with Gov Brandstad in Iowa these days, I didn’t think something amazing would happen to me.

I got a call tonight from Dr. LaMaster’s Clinic.  I AM APPROVED FOR SURGERY!!!  Despite Brandstad’s signature on the Medicaid thing.  My stuff was in before Aug 1.  So, I still did get approved.  BUT, I will NOT stop fighting for all the other people that NEED this so that they may have LIFE.

I cried and cried tonight.  I am truly amazed and thankful to God for answering this prayer.  Not only is this good news for me, tomorrow is the celebration of my one year of no hospitalizations for mental health stuff.  My therapist is throwing this celebration.  She is amazing too.  So many happy things tonight.

I praise God for my unbelievable and loving friends.  And my family as well.  This starts the journey…..stay tuned!!!!


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