Life and Everyday

Surgery is next week!!

I called back to the weigh loss clinic this morning to change my appointment.  I want to have this surgery done before classes start.  So, I am!!  I see Dr. LaMasters on Monday, get my blood work done and h&p done on Monday as well.  Then Thursday is surgery day.  I am “wow”.  I will be going down the night before to stay with a friend and then she will take me to the hospital Thursday morning before she goes to work and will back most likely after she gets off work.

I am really excited about all this.  The changes are happening.  I am ready.  I am walking more and getting signed up for water aerobics and something else (brain fart) at UNI for this fall.  I am still trying to figure out how far it is from my apartment to the Wellness and Rec Center.  I have most of my classes there this semester. I only have one that is in the Communications building.

So many things running through my head.

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