Life and Everyday

Beautiful Scars

There are times in your life when things are going horribly wrong, you don’t know how to fix it.  I am trying to figure out how to fix something that happened about 2 1/2 years ago.  The “fixing” isn’t working so great.

I pray.  I pray a lot.  I have friends who have been praying.  And praying.  But I don’t see a resolution yet.  I am trying to find a lawyer who will listen and have time to help me with this.

The problem lies in my past.  I have a zillion scars.  Both physically and mentally.  I don’t know the statute of limitations for Iowa.  I don’t even know if it is possible that this can be resolved.

These scars don’t just affect me…they affect my entire family and a few of my very very close friends.  What do you next?  Where do you turn?  When you want to change something that is so hard to figure out in the first place.

My scars are healing well.  My outside scars.  My inside scars are healing all but this last one.  I feel like I have no control of the situation.  My hands are tied.

I have to keep praying.  God will find a way.  Right?


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