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30 Day Blog Challenge – Day 21

Day 21: Something you’re proud of.

I don’t usually think much about the things I am proud of.  I don’t want people to think that I am “better” than them or whatever.  But I have been thinking about this, it really is ok to be proud of your own accomplishments and to let people know about them.  I know this person who thinks it’s absolutely horrible of me to say anything positive about myself.  I am not sure why he feels that way, he just hates it when I share my accomplishments.

One of the things I am most proud of right now is that I have gone through with the gastric sleeve surgery.  I know the road ahead of me isn’t going to be easy.  I feel that already.  But, this is an amazing step in making myself realize how much I need to be “here” for my daughter, my family, and my friends.  I want to be healthy and able to run and play without all the painful joints/painful back, being out of breath, etc.  I am willing to give up all those foods that got me to where I am now.  Pizza sounds really delish right now, but I know I can’t have that now.  I will eventually, but just not at this moment.  That is how it is with a lot of food right now.  I am on the full liquid diet, so everything has to go down liquid-y.

Another things I am proud of at this moment is that I am almost finished with my classes at UNI.  Two semesters to go, I will be a graduate.  I have worked hard to get where I am right now.  I know I will continue to do so.

Being proud of yourself for your accomplishments isn’t something that should be put down by other people.  Maybe it’s jealousy or the mire fact that they don’t understand.

I am happy with what I am doing, the accomplishments made, and what the future may hold for me.  I am excited as there will be new beginnings coming as well.



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