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30 Day Blog Challenge – Day 26

I missed a few days.  I was up home at my mom’s.  We had family reunion this weekend.  Bear with me.

Day 26: Your Dream Wedding.

I have always dreamed I would have a big wedding.  But as I have gotten older, I am not sure I want on too big.  I want to invite all my family and friends.  I want to look beautiful.  I want my husband to be looking sharp and handsome as ever.  Thought about being married in a church, back in the country church I grew up in but I think I would love to get married at one of the camps I used to work at.  Something more simple this time.  Pretty dresses, nice tuxes, not to stuffy looking, and me in a beautiful gown.  My hard done just right.  My makeup just beautiful.  I want people to see my eyes.  I want my husband to be to see the love in my eyes.  I would have beautiful flowers.  Daisies and roses.  Elegant but simple.  Not a huge party of folks for bridesmaids and groomsmen.

I don’t know who would walk me down the isle.  I wish it could be my dad.  I miss him.  If only for this day, he could come back and walk me down.  I want my mom to walk with me.  She is my strong hold.  She is my best friend.  She is the one I can talk to.  She is my mom.  Always.  I would want to carry a single white rose to the front of the chapel.  Place it to a picture of my dad.

Like I said earlier, I want all my family and friends there.  This would be the happiest day of my life.  I want to share it with them.  I would want all my future in-laws and friends to be there too.  Just a beautiful celebration of this wedding and all the people I love.


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