Life and Everyday

30 Day Blog Challenge – Day 28

Day 28: What stresses you out?

Old friends who argue about the rightness or wrongness of words, or how they are used.  People argue intelligence instead of feelings when it’s about feelings in the first place.

Sometimes deadlines stress me out.  Especially if I have slacked off and not stayed caught up on the things I need to before the deadline comes.

Being late for an appointment or something where I said I would be somewhere at some appointed time.

Spiders stress me out.  BIG TIME.  I can handle most other beetle bugs, roly polys, crickets, etc.  But NO spiders for me.

Sometimes waiting stresses me out.  Like waiting for results from a blood test or an x-ray.  Waiting for an appointment sometimes does to me as well.

People who think they are always right stress me out.

Moving to a new place, stresses me out.  I have moved so much, you would think I would just go with the flow.  NOT….stress me out baby!!



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