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Post op visit

WOW!!  9 pounds in 9 days.  How amazing is that?  Dr. LaMasters said that she thinks that I am doing pretty well.  The incisions are healing just fine too.  Dr. Brady told me I was on track.  We went over some weight loss goals.  My first goal is to get under 300.  Which I am almost there.  My weight yesterday was 313.  When I weighed before surgery I was at 322.  After I meet the 299 goal….I want to reach for 270.  I have looked at the dates yet to see what the target date is.  I will be working on that later today.

Eating is so different now.  Mostly getting protein from shakes and drinks.  I can start eating things like chicken salad, tuna salad, egg salad.  It’s getting better.  Just have to eat the soft/liquidy foods.  I can start eating scrambled eggs and mashed potatoes.  This morning I am drinking my shake and enjoying some oatmeal with some fresh peach puree in it.  Doesn’t taste half bad.  I can’t take my meds all at once either.  One at a time.  Good thing they discontinued some of my meds now.  I made an appointment to see Dr. Goetsch here in town to get some blood work done.  Gotta keep up on the iron, potassium, VitD, and uric acid levels.  They were the ones giving me such trouble before.

I put on a pair of capris that were a little tight before.  They fit great now.  Amazing feeling being able to get into something that was tight before and now is very comfortable.

This journey is off to a running start now.  It’s very exciting and very fun.  I will be starting Zumba water aerobics after Labor Day.  I am excited about that also.  Last semester about half way through they cancelled the class cuz people didn’t come.  So I am really hoping people stick this out.

Second day of classes today.  I have 3 of them:  The Holocaust, Fundraising and Budget/Grant Writing, and Non-Profit Youth agencies.  Start at 11 and will be home sometime around 6pm.

Life is good.  God is good all the time.   And all the time God is good.

8 thoughts on “Post op visit”

    1. Hi. I had the VSG surgery (vertical sleeve). It’s kind of in between the lap band and the roux-n-y (bypass). I researched this a lot and found that the sleeve surgery would be the most beneficial for me. I would happy to answer any questions you have. I am only 10 days out from surgery, but I will share what I know.

  1. So how are you? Hope you’re not in too much pain. Did you have to do that diet to reduce the size of your liver? I have to start that in late September, for 2 weeks eating only 800 calories per day, and then the surgery is on the 6th October. I think that is going to be hard.

    Anyway, I only started my blog last night in order specifically to talk about how I feel about it all. I go on facebook all the time to play Farmville and other such games, but I don’t think that is the right environment to talk about this stuff. There are lots of young people among my friends.

    Today I posted a poll on here to get an idea how people feel about weight loss surgery, but I don’t know whether anyone has looked at it yet.

    Well, I think you’re very brave and I wish you all the best for a successful recovery.

    Feel free to read my stuff (you can tell me if my feelings are normal)!


    1. @Kath — Feel free to message me, too, if you want to. I had the vertical sleeve gastrectomy three years ago. It has been a miracle! Also, you MUST join and read all posts there every day. You will learn everything you need to know about what your journey will be like. Best wishes 🙂
      –Dorothy (dec721 if you go on

  2. You are rockin’ your sleeve, Julie!! You will be in twoterville (200s) before you know it 🙂 Just keep doing exactly what your surgeon prescribes, don’t even *think* of taking one bite off program, and you will watch your body … and your life! … transform. This next year will seem miraculous to you. Keep up the good work, my sleeve buddy!

  3. Hey!! Thanks ladies 🙂 I don’t know anyone else here in the UK who has had or is having this kind of surgery. I mean I know that lots have and lots will, I can see that from how busy my hospital is, but I don’t know them personally. You get me??
    Kath x

    1. @Kath — If you go on, there is a small UK forum. Not very active right now, but the main forum … and the bypass forum … are very international. People from all over. You may find some neighbors!

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