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How Do You Know?

While doing some reading this morning I came across this little excerpt from a man named Phil Ware.  He is talking about how do you know when the Lord is speaking to you?  This is just a bit of the entire message but since I have been trying to figure out what I need/want to do after graduation next May, I will share it.

—>  Okay, I know what some of you are thinking, because I’ve had people say
it to me:

“Does that mean God is just going to whisper it in my ear? I’m not
Jesus, and I’m sure that’s how God did it for him, but I’m not sure
he will do that for me.”

God can reveal it to you however that he wants to reveal it to you. My
experience, however, suggests it often comes as a repeated, emphasized,
redundant message from the Holy Spirit experienced in a variety of
ways, including some of the following:

 * a strong conviction placed on your heart.

 * a repeated message you hear in church songs or songs on the radio
   or in the words of a friend.

 * a message you receive when you are reading Scripture, listening to
   a message from God’s word, or reading a book tied to Scripture.

 * a message you receive when you are talking to your spouse or parent
   or child.

 * a note you receive by email or on a card or in a letter.

Whatever way you receive this repeated message, the important thing is
to begin to notice it and then live it out as your “One Tune” — the
mission God has given you for this stage of your life’s journey. And as
you live it out, learn to say, “NO!” to many of the good and not so
good opportunities, so that you can say “YES!” to the most important
ones, the ones that are aligned with the “One Tune” God has given you
to sing with your life!


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