Life and Everyday


I have been up and about since about 5:30 AM this morning.  I got a lot done before it was even 11 AM.  I came back from WalMart and decided to take a short nap.  It ended up being 2 hours.  How come when you sleep the time seems to go by faster?  It’s so weird.

This afternoon, it feels like I am waiting.  Not sure what I am waiting for, but it just seems like something should be going on.  It’s quiet here, except for the sound of the AC turning on and off.  The sun is bright and warm.  But I wait.  I keep thinking I oughta be doing something, anything.  But I don’t know what.

In the quietness, I think.  I wonder how my friends are doing.  Should I text them and see what’s up?  Should I just keep reading facebook and figure it out for myself?  Then I wonder if I have any fences to mend.  Did I let some people down this week?  Who?  Do I need to apologize?  Do I need to just move on?  Waiting……. the answers aren’t coming.

So I take a deep breath. Stare at the computer screen and just get lost in the nothingness.  Maybe my brain is still sleeping?  Maybe I should go for another drive?  But where?  and Why?

Waiting is weird for me.  I mean I wait in doctor offices.  That doesn’t bother me much (unless I am in a hurry).  I waited to day in the check out line at WalMart.  That didn’t bother me much either.  I am still waiting to see if I get mail today.  Whatever.

We all wait it seems.  For what?

People on the East Coast right now are waiting for Hurricane Irene to hit where ever it is going to.  Taking the precautions where necessary.  People in Texas are waiting for it to rain and cool off some.  Don’t know what the people out on the West Coast are waiting for….maybe just going to the beach or meeting someone famous.  I don’t know.  People in the Mid-West are probably waiting for a little bit of rain or are just getting ready for harvest to be here.  Maybe the Minnesota State Fair.  (hehehe)

I think I need to change my thoughts some while I wait.  I know I am trying to be more positive and see the good before thinking of the bad.  I wonder if God waits for us?  He probably does sometimes.  Maybe He waits for us to make a decision to follow Him.  Maybe He waits for us to call on Him, call out to Him in prayer.  Maybe He waits for us to sing with praise.  Share His word.  Be His voice to other people.  I think God is good at waiting.  He sticks by us even when we are “ugly”, as my mom calls it.  I think He waits for us to make our next move.  Will it involve knowing what is right and what is wrong?  What truths He has set before us that we use in our decision making?

I sure know God is patient.  He waits for us to come back around when we wander away.  He’s always there when I come back.  He welcomes me with open arms.

All this waiting makes me think of a song.  It’s called “While I’m Waiting” by John Waller.  I will post it below so you can hear it.  Listen to the words.  “I will serve You while I’m waiting.  I will worship while I’m waiting.  I will not faint.  I’ll be runnin the race, even while I wait.”



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