Life and Everyday

I get it!!!

I get it, I get it, I get it….I get it!!!  After a week of being (what felt like) beat over the head with messages (blessings) from friends, I think I finally get it.  “Stop playing with fire!!”    These questions and simple truths come from Pastor Eric Sloter.  His blog “Simply Begin with Christ”  –

the questions of the week:  The Question is:  Are you swimming with the tide or against it?

                                        The Simple Truth: Sex is everywhere, surrounding us like an ocean without end.


The Question is: Where are you fixing your eyes? Things of life or things of death?

The Simple Truth: The devil doesn’t make us do it. We do and we should admit it.


The Question is: What if I hadn’t confessed and repented?  What’s holding you back?

The Simple Truth: More than twenty years later I’m still free and Joni’s still my wife. (Pastor Eric)


The Question is: Are you, beyond all your rules, cultivating a life that is uniquely “you,” a life filled with the true life and true love of God?

The Simple Truth: Only love . . . self-giving . . . self-sacrificing . . . other-celebrating love . . . can create what is truly life.


The Question is: Where are you playing with fire?

The Simple Truth: Fire is always looking for fuel and it won’t hesitate to feed off you.


I get it God.  Thank you for putting people into my life that can tell me like it is.  I finally get it!!



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