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Happy Labor Day!

This day is just about come to an end.  I got home shortly after supper time.  I have been trying to catch up on homework, facebook, emails, etc.  It’s just weird how much I have missed with being gone for four days.

Spent the weekend with K and my mom.  Tiny was there too.  He was grumpy.  So I won’t count him.  I played lots of cribbage and ate way too much for not being able to eat much anyways.  Weird eating this weekend.  My mom can cook/bake like nobody’s business.  It’s hard to eat healthy when she’s around.  K went swimming.  Was too cold for this old body.  So had fun just watching her.  It rained up in Minnesota for a couple days.  Playing go fish and watching movies was a blast too.  K thinks she can play cribbage, but she just likes to count by ten and 5’s.  it’s so cute.

I had to have a roasted/toasted marshmallow….couldn’t pass up that on a camping trip!!  It didn’t settle real well in the tummy tho.  I think if I ate too much sugary type stuff…it went right through me.  So, not gonna do much of that.  Luckily I like the veggies mom put on the grill….LOVED THAT!!  Even though it was very chilly at night up there, I loved snuggling with K.   Mom tried so hard this weekend to make it so good, Tiny was in a crabby mood and then J came with E and J.  Mom got upset.  It was like everyone seemed in the way this weekend at times.  I wanted to help her as much as I could, but she would tell me to just sit down, blah blah blah.

Overall, we all had a good weekend.  Despite not having “gas” this morning for the water heater and the stove. I drank coffee this morning to stay warm.  Grabbed a blanket and snuggled with K while watching morning cartoons.  Good bonding time.  Mom and I had some good bonding time too.

My niece had her baby on Friday too.  His name is Emerson James.  He is a real cutie.  looks just like his big sister.  I have a picture of him…..I don’t know if I have one of J tho??  hmmmm

Isn’t he a sweetie pie?  I hope to get up there again to meet him.  Maybe on K’s birthday weekend.  Who knows if they will come.  Since I am the horrible person B’s mother says I am.  Whatever.  LOL  I take it with a grain of salt.  I know who my friends are and I know that my nieces and nephews like me for the most part.  J (my sister) and her family can hate me or hate mom or hate K, but that will be and always be their loss.  I know I am not perfect, I make mistakes just like the rest of the world.  But I am willing to take responsibility for mine.  Just sayin.

Anyways, welcome to the world, my great nephew EJB.  You will be loved up like all the rest !! *smiles*  I love you even tho you don’t know me yet, little man.  I will always love you EJ!!

All sorts of things running through my head at the moment.  So will have to try to gather more thoughts before tomorrow and write something a little more sensible.


1 thought on “Happy Labor Day!”

  1. Sounds like you had fun!! Although weren’t you warned about the side effects that could happen as a result of eating sugary foods?
    Sorry I’ve not been online as much . . . Been a little busy with my knitting. My niece had her baby recently too. What an odd coincidence. So I knitted her a little cot blanket and a little pink coat. I was on a deadline to get the finished before our little Madison was born.
    But you know what?? I’m really happy that you went on your camping trip, as camping is one of my hobbies, and I was wondering how or even if I would manage it.

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