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fall weather

This is how I feel tonight.  I have been sick all week with a cold and stuff like that.  Went to the doctor and got some antibiotics……the first ones made me swell like a cabbage patch kid….and itch and red….YUCK.  So right away called them and now I am on prednisone and different antibiotic.

~  Well, I started this blog last night and didn’t get back to it.  Was fellowshipping with my good friends from LifeChurch last night.  But the picture still holds true for this morning.  It’s a big shivery up here today.

My mind is reeling with thoughts this morning.  It’s Katey’s 8th birthday today.  We aren’t celebrating today, that will happen all weekend next weekend.  YAY.   I miss the booger.  I miss her hugs.  Her laughs.  Her all out silliness.

The other big thing on my mind this morning is:  What is God calling me to do?  This question has been in my brain for a few days but waking up thinking about it.  I wonder what is in store for me.  I get excited about the possibilities.  What doors are open to me now?   What ones will be opened next semester as I near graduation?  Might have to blog more about that all later.

My health is getting better.  This cold/flu stuff that I have is finally leaving me I believe.  My nose is still sore from blowing and my throat a bit scratchy from coughing.  But overall, I feel better.  I dislike (bigtime) being sick.  I feel like I let all sorts of people down when I am sick.  Mostly myself, I suppose.

I am under 300 now.  YAY!!  total weight loss of 28 pounds since surgery date (8/11/2011)!!  4 inches on my waist and 3 on my hips thus far.  I need to get more measurements again this next week.  I am happy about it.  At first I wasn’t sure because my brain thinks weight should be going faster, but this is fast by all other standards.    I see Dr. LaMasters on Monday.  Have a check up since I have been sick and stuff for the past couple weeks.  I also see Dr. Z on Monday.  It will be the first time since before surgery too.  Hopefully he will be nice and have some kind words.  🙂

I am trying to decide what to do first today.  I need to clean this place.  I feel human enough today that maybe I will tackle the other bedroom.  Maybe try to get the other bed set up instead of it being in the hallway.  hmmm?  anyone want to come over and help?  we could have a cleaning party.

Let love be the guide my friends.  Have an awesome Saturday.

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