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contemplating exam

Well tomorrow is my exam that I have been putting off for the past week.  It’s on the Holocaust….at least what we have learned thus far in the class.  Read the book by Ruth Kluger, her memoir.  Very moving and very much from her young girl perspective as she was a child when this happened.  It’s interesting to see it all through a child’s eyes.  Different from other movies and books I have read where it was from the outside looking in type stuff.

Then read this book by Borowoski.  I think that is how his name is spelled.  Will have to check on that later.  His account was very intense and almost to the point of making me feel sick by the graphic details he used from his memory of time at Auschwitz.  It makes me sick that the Nazi’s made these people do things that were so awful and horrible.  to have to witness so much and that.

Comparing and contrasting the various movies/documentaries and books and stories.  It makes my mind spin at times.  I can’t grasp it all.  I need to go over the dates and some facts again so I get them in my head.  The exam is to be at 10 am.  I am supposed to have an appointment with Angie at 9.  So will be interesting getting back across town on time.  Plus I don’t know where Baker Hall is for sure.  LOL  Guess I should look that up tonight before I head to bed.

My mind has been swirling with all sorts of things lately.  Today is the first day in a long time, that I feel pretty ok.  Not so freaked out over stuff.  Though I did have to deal with social security today.  what idiots.  The kept telling me that I have an over payment, but they can’t seem to find a record or correspondence about it or why it happened.  So, again, not my fault.  I hope they realize that.  But of course, I had to fill out another form stating that I didn’t know and have no clue as they haven’t sent me anything other than one letter saying that i was overpaid.  No reasons why or what for.  and so it goes.

anyways, back to classes.  I am almost caught up in all classes.  just a few more assignments to finish up typing.  they are about the Holocaust readings.  We are reading “The Shawl”.  it’s interesting from yet another point of view.  of survivors coming to the States and trying to figure out life.  Give me a couple more days to type it all up.  By Thursday, I will have it all done.

Life Church is celebrating their volunteers coming up in November.  i am excited.  It’s called the Big Show.  November 18.  I can’t wait to go.  It’s right at the beginning of Thanksgiving break for me.  So spending a few days in OKC with friends will be so very awesome.  Meeting the people I do the services with in person.  Meeting up in person.  A. MA. ZING!!!




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