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the blood doc said that all my levels are pretty decent. I am still borderline anemic and low potassium, but it’s been stable like that for the last 3 months. LOL so, all is alright… thyroid med was lowered yesterday too. Overall, my health is doing pretty darn ok right now.

what a relief!!!  wish my energy level would increase tho.  i think it’s cuz i can’t do much for exercise right now.  walked around wal-mart for about an hour this afternoon and by the time i was checking out, my knee was hurting so bad.  i can’t wait for Dr. C to get back from vacation next week to finally do something about this.  sick of pain.  just heal it up and let me go.

i have so many things i want to do.  but this darn knee is holding me back.  i don’t like taking the pain pills.  they make me feel funky.  well more funky than usual.  LOL

i think my next post is going to be about why i want and need to keep losing this weight.


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