Life and Everyday

Thankful days 9 and 10

well i did it again!!!  ran out of time in the day to write out my day of Thanks!!  so this morning I have time and will do it twice.

1.  I am thankful for my surgeon and the weight loss staff.  I have been going through some hard times since surgery and they are always right there helping me out.  Giving me suggestions to try so that I can keep from getting sick.  Also thank for all the doctors and staff that treat me.  Dr. G, Dr. L, Dr. K, Dr. C, Dr. Z, Angie, Jamie, all the nurses, etc.  You all are the bomb!!  Thanks for your care and concern when I am not feeling the greatest and even when I am doing good.

2.  I am thankful for all my Life church friends.  I am so looking forward to meeting them next weekend.  The Big Show is next Friday in Edmond.  I am excited to be meeting some of the other volunteer that I work with.  I am also thankful for LifeChurch in general.  This church has given me more meaning and life to my life.  Given me hope when I felt like giving up.   Amazing place.





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