Life and Everyday


So, when does the anger and frustration let up?  seems I have been angry for a long time.  I just want all these feelings to just go away.

I feel pissed at everything and everyone.  I spose I have some pretty valid reasons for some of it.  but waking up pissed at the world isn’t going to get me anywhere.

Criticism.  That’s what it is.  That is what is getting me worked up.  All these people that “mean well”.  well, yeah.


there is soooo much stuff out of my control.  why is that so hard?  why is it hard to let go and just be?  I know I am not the center of universe….nor do I want to be but holy crap, I just need to let go.  letting go is so hard.  i keep holding on to stuff, people, hopes, etc…..way beyond the time of actually being able to do a damn thing about it.

stupid tears.  i feel like i have been crying for days now.  the stupid tears just won’t stop.  what the hell is happening to me?  i am falling apart, piece by piece.

stupid.  angry.  i want it to all just go away.


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