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Wow!  What an amazing weekend!!  I love my LifeChurch family!!!  I had so much fun in Oklahoma this past weekend.  Met some amazing people that I have known for quite some time over the internet through church!!  I think this was a super way to start my holiday season too!!!  Never been to so many Starbucks places in my life.  I don’t even hit the ones here in town where I live.  LOL  They drink wayyyy too much coffee.  LOL  (but I wouldn’t have it any other way!!)

Being LIVE at LifeChurch was soooo cool.  The studio wasn’t as big as I had imagined but it was great.  Meeting the folks I volunteer with every week, made my whole weekend.

Now the drive home was a bit rocky.  LOL  Nail in the tired in Kansas City…..attempted fix, then it blew out in North KC….Liberty, MO.  Ended up spending the night in KC and sitting in WalMart for a few hours waiting for a new tire to be put on.  Finally got home around 6:30pm last night.

Got my B12 shot this morning, had my H&P done, hung out with Tam and Judy, and had a meeting with Angie today.  I will be having surgery on my left knee on Monday next week.  Classes resume Monday as well. 2 full weeks of classes then finals, and I will be limping worse than I have been  LOL.  At least my knee is getting fixed.  I hope that the doc is right and the healing process will be short.

I am tired.  But I will be on the road again tomorrow morning.  I meet with K’s counselor at noon.  Then staying at mom’s until Turkey Day night.  K will be coming back and we are gonna do some crafty stuff (presents for grandma and some other folks).  Should be a fun time.

Come to

Come join us for the fun and fellowship.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

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