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Merry Christmas – Day 25

Day 25: Does your family have a Christmas breakfast or dinner?

Just got back from church at Deer Creek this morning.  It was a good service.  Deer Creek is getting so much smaller.  The church is dying out.  Of course its a country church.  The folks are all getting older.  All the kids I grew up with are grown up and moved away.  It’s kinda sad to see that this old church is fading.

We are going to have scrambled eggs and toast and cinnamon rolls for brunch.  Mom and I will be making more goodies for this afternoon.  Jodi and her family and Jerry and his family will be here later today.  I am not sure what to think.  They don’t get along, so it will be an interesting afternoon I am sure.  I am really uncomfortable in my family.  They are all fighting and drama.  I am better if I just stay out of it.  I wish I could take Katey and just go away.  Like pack up and go.  That would be a dream for me.

We will be having bbq meatballs, weinies, cheeseball, crackers, cookies, candies, turkey casserole, and whatever they all bring.  I am sure there will be food galore.  ohhh…Mom makes this awesome taco dip stuff…..awesome.  I wish I could eat like I used to, at times.  I love mom’s cooking.  But losing weight is/has been such a good thing.  I am feeling better physically.  Except my stupid knee.  It still isn’t feeling very good.  I took more pain meds.  So I will prolly be loopy this afternoon  LOL

We’ll see what today brings.

Merry Christmas!  Happy Birthday Jesus!!

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