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How was your Christmas?

How was your Christmas?

Mine went alright.  I drove back home this morning.  Been trying to convince myself to get busy all day.  Even tried to take a nap but that wasn’t successful either.

Christmas went ok with my family last night.  It was a bit hectic and noisy but what Christmas gathering isn’t?  You can really tell there is some fighting going on in my family.  I could feel the tension.  I think my mom could too.  My brother and sister don’t get along all that great anymore.  Not sure what the problem is exactly but I know they don’t even talk to each other.

The kids were pretty fun.  K was soooo tired.  But she was excited to get more presents.  Faith and my brother had a case of the giggles after opening gifts.  He was trying to tell her that there was “something” in this little box.  He teased her with that….and tried to ‘get her” and stuff……it was sooo funny.  I could really see my dad in him last night.  Ethan and K played with their DS a lot.   I guess Faith did too.  She played Wheel of Fortune with mom.  It was kinda fun watching.

Mom got me an electric blanket for my gift.  I love it.  It’s really soft too, so that makes it doubly warm.

I need to get back on my eating/healthy plan.  I didn’t go overboard with food but I haven’t been able to do any walking and exercise for a few weeks.  My knee just isn’t healing fast enough.  I want to get out and do stuff but when I stand I get this stabbing pain on the inside of my knee.  I thought arthoscopy was a heal faster surgery….maybe not.

My move is planned for Wednesday.  I pick up the Uhaul at 9ish in the morning.  I had a couple guys lined up to help pack up the truck, but they backed out on me at the last minute.  I hate that.  Seems it happens more often than not with me.  I want to just move somewhere and not move again.  I know this won’t be my last move either.  I will be living with Robin up in Woodbury but it won’t be forever.  I am so sick of moving around.  I need to win the lottery and buy a house.  That would make me stay put where ever I would find a nice place to live.  That  isn’t happening anytime soon.  😦

I ordered some chinese food for supper.  I know it’s not all that healthy.  But I don’t have anything to cook cuz I haven’t been to the grocery store.  I don’t wanna buy anything cuz I will just have to move it in a few days.   Guess that is what I will be doing when I get to the new place.


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