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It’s New Year’s Eve!!

It’s New Year’s Eve…..what’cha gonna do tonight?  K and Robin and I are just gonna hang at home.  I am making a new casserole thing for supper.  It’s called quesadilla casserole.  It looks pretty easy and doesn’t take a real long time to bake either.

K has been playing the Wii pretty much non-stop since getting here yesterday.  She is hooked. LOL  but it keeps her busy and keeps her from saying she is bored.  She is gonna lay down in just a little bit cuz she thinks she can stay up until the ball drops tonight.  little does she know it will be at 11pm here when we watch on tv.  LOL  Still will be fun.

I made it to the grocery store and back today.  My first adventure in Woodbury.  I am so not used to the Cities and driving her yet.  But I will be.  It’s gonna take a bit of time.  Good thing Robin gives good directions.  I just gotta write it all down to where I want and need to be.  First things first, right?

Tuesday she and I will be going to the Washington County DHS or whatever it’s called up here.  gotta get a few things switched over regarding medical and stuff.  I need to get my knee looked at soon.  I am not sure when that will be.  I have to find a doc too.  Then I have to find a hematology doc to get my blood checked as well.  Need my B12 shot the second week of January.  Oh the joys of moving to a completely different place and getting all new docs and things arranged.  OH well, could be worse I spose.  LOL

I don’t mind being in a new place.  It’s like a new adventure.  I am in such a different place emotionally and physically that this time the move isn’t all about mental health.  It’s not running away from anything or stuff like that.  It’s just because I am done at UNI and it’s time to start again.  I don’t feel mentally unhealthy.  or rather unstable as I had so many times before.  It’s nice to not be depressed and all freaked out.  I think it’s all gonna work out well here.  Yes, take some getting used to, but I think I will love it!!

I am not usually into resolutions for the new year.  But since having surgery, I do need to work on my eating.  I need to make some healthier choices.  I need to get out and walk more.  And now I have a walking buddy.  Exciting!!  I want to get a bike later on…maybe early spring.  I see Robin has a bike in her garage…so biking might be fun too.  I think lots of exciting changes will be happening.  I hope to lose more weight in 2012.  71.1 pounds gone so far…..exciting!!



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