Life and Everyday

January 3, 2012….It’s a new year!!

Ok…so I am a little late in saying Happy New Year!!

It’s the 3rd and I am all up in my new place.  It’s going ok.  Still unpacking stuff and trying to organize my room.  Robin took me for a little drive and showed me around town some.  There are some major roads and stuff that I am trying to remember.  I know I will get lost.  But, I will figure it out….

Been trying to switch phone companies yesterday and today.  Equifax needs me to update my phone number from when I had a fraud report done (6 years ago).  Guess the hold on my credit is still there.  Sucks when you have identity theft and it stays there for 7 years or so.  ugh.  oh well.  I need to make a copy of my SS card and then fax that and this paper from the website to their department.  so, oh the joys of moving and getting situated.


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