Life and Everyday

connected….well, sort of

I am trying to get everything connected….get myself organized and in sync with all that is going on here.  Being in a new place is sometimes very unnerving for me.  I guess just about every time I have moved, my anxiety has gotten to me.  You know being spiritual, I try to connect to God at least every morning when I get up.  I say thank you God.  Thank you God.  Just Thanks.   Not much more than that in the beginning of my day.  But i know there is more for connection than that.

There is an action that takes place when we connect to anything.  To connect is to act.

I read this article written by Dr. Wayne Dyer.  He gives seven steps to  increase our connectedness with the Spirit.  I think it also applies to our connectedness with others.

  1. “Before beginning your day, spend a few moments with God during the early morning. When you awaken, remind yourself, “These are my few moments with God.” During those precious seconds, ask, reflect, feel the peace, and most important, extend your gratitude. I end my few moments with God every morning with this: “Thank You, thank You, thank You!”
  2. As you begin your day, decide on something to do that will improve the quality of life for someone, without seeking any credit for yourself. (If you can do it before breakfast, great!) A letter, some flowers, a contribution, an unexpected plan to visit someone later in the day—do anything at all that will make someone else feel good.
  3. Overcome your inertia. Since to be inert is to be without action, agree to become a being of movement: Plan to exercise, make that call you’ve been avoiding, or write that letter. Just as the key to Spirit is movement, the key to health is circulation. Spirit is always in a state of creation, so commit to less lying or sitting around and more movement.
  4. Listen to your inner voice and promise that you’ll take corrective action. For example, if you’ve been addicted to alcohol or drugs, overeating, or being a doormat, listen to that inner voice that begs you to be big rather than small, and take one corrective step. Just for today, throw the cigarettes away, pass on the sweets, walk around the block, or stand up for yourself. That inner voice is God pleading with you to rejoin Him in-Spirit by being pure, strong, and an instrument of well-being.
  5. Accept no excuses: Stop with the BS and be truthful with yourself, admit your flaws rather than defending them, and look in the mirror and talk to yourself honestly. Affirm: I am a creation of God, and I am Divine. I’ve forgotten this, but now I’m not accepting excuses. I’m going to stop fooling myself and work at being all that I was destined to be.
  6. Experience the apprehension and do it anyway! It’s the doing that brings you in tune with Spirit, so don’t let fear stop you. Allow the panic to come, and then move in the direction of facing it. Visualize the fear right in front of you. Stare it down and tell it how you truly feel and what you intend to become: “I’m stronger than you. I have my Creator here with me as a Senior Consultant, so I’m no longer willing to allow you to have dominance in my life. I’m scared, but I’m also taking action.”
  7. Finally, don’t ever quit. Never give up on yourself or feel shame as a result of not fulfilling your objectives to reconnect to your Divine nature. Every fall that you take is a gift, and every relapse is a glorious opportunity—after all, without them you can’t manifest the energy to get to a higher place.”
I think that working on these steps one day at a time, reflecting, writing, talking about them, will help us connect better with not only the Spirit but one another as well.  Maybe all of us can have a little more compassion with each other.  I know I need to show a bit more compassion some days.  Especially on those days when everything feels like it’s falling apart.
I am working on it.  Everyday I feel a bit more connected to my new place and new surroundings.  I have a few pretty awesome friends up here helping me figure out what I need to know about living in the big city.  I have a new friend, who is giving me some perspective.  He is also just fun to talk to for a different point of view.  I thank God for all my friends.  That is one thing, I will be forever thankful for.

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