Life and Everyday

Snow is coming?

Been in Minnesota for a few weeks now and it’s been rather warm for a winter here.  Today was actually in the 50’s.  Totally weird for January here.  But…..I hear it’s coming tomorrow afternoon.  Rah.  I have a doctor appointment for my knee tomorrow.  I hope I get home before it all starts tomorrow afternoon.    I am ready for some snow tho.  Robin is in Iowa for a few days.  I hope that she doesn’t get snowed in down there, unless of course she wants to.  LOL

Worked on finding a counselor today.  No luck as far as insurance is concerned.  My insurance doesn’t start up until Feb 1.  So….I don’t know what I will find right now.  Might have to wait another few weeks.  Been also trying to get in with weight loss clinic up here so they can help me keep tabs on how my surgery and weight loss is going.  I hit weight loss of 75 pounds this past week.  SOOOO HAPPY!!  woohoo.  Can’t believe I have lost 75 pounds already.  Still working on more.  Wish I could be more active.  Stupid knee.  But tomorrow I see a different specialist and hopefully he will have more words of wisdom for me.  I need to get this figured out.

I want to really concentrate on my eating.  What I am eating. etc.  But I haven’t really given much thought to any of it since getting here.  I think I will work on making a menu type deal and see what I can come up with.  I need to do some reading and stuff too.  So much to get organized and into place.  Maybe organization needs to be in my list of to-do’s ??  lol

Still don’t know what to think about dating and stuff.  I want to just be and hang out with someone.  J is gone all the time with driving and stuff.  I know it’s his job, but he just doesn’t have time.  So, I don’t know.  There is another guy I am interested in, but haven’t heard from him since last week.  So I don’t know.  Guess I will have to be patient and let things happen how they may.  The person I am really interested in and stuff is unavailable.  I so totally bummed about that.  But life goes on.  God has something planned…..pretty sure about that.


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