Life and Everyday

Another Monday


My weight loss is still going well.  It’s slowed a bit, but I can deal.  I really need to get out and walk more.  I have my ipod all ready…just need to do it.  The weather here in MN is crazy again.  It’s kinda warm, but we are in a winter storm warning until 6am tomorrow morning.  3 inches of snow possible.  weird weird weather.

Still weighing in on Fridays tho, I missed this past Friday because I went to “home” and had lunch with K at school.  She was surprised to see me.  I love surprising her.  We had an awesome weekend.  A few serious talks about what’s going on in school and what she NEEDS to be doing.  I hope she will just kick it in gear and do what she needs to.  I hate hearing that she is struggling so much.

I made bean and ham soup tonight.  It was really good.  Got my protein in today.  I haven’t been eating very well at all lately tho.  Still have this aversion to food.  I don’t wanna gain any weight back.  I need to get my head back in check.  My body is gonna fall apart if I don’t eat what I need to.  Last week got a B12 and B1 shot.  Also started taking a B Complex vitamin.  talk about YUCK.  thing smells awful and tastes just as bad.  Still taking Vit D every week.  I don’t have to have another iron infusion until April.  My TSH level is low but ok.  They are going to leave my dose at what it is for now.   My white blood cells are fighting each other again.  The doc thinks Lupus may have returned.  It was or has been in some remission for a few years.  My ANA levels have been coming back negative.  But this last one came back positive again.  He seems to think something is going on in my blood.  So I will have more blood work done this week.  Kinda freaks me out.  But I am trying to just not think too much about it.

Still job hunting too.  Have applied all over it seems but haven’t heard a thing yet.  I will do some follow up tomorrow on them.  I wish one would just fall into my lap.  Keep dreamin.  LOL

I need to find a good lawyer this week too.  I need to get the ball rolling in that department as well.  I hope I can find someone who isn’t too expensive or maybe someone at legal aid.  I don’t know.  Wish I had some connections in that department.  ugh.

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