Life and Everyday

It’s Saturday!

Well, it’s the weekend.  Today has been a pretty decent day.  Took K to the YMCA to work off some energy.  I think we were there almost 3 hours.  She is a fish.  I am glad she likes being there.  Passed the test to swim in the deep end of the pool too.  I was so amazed and it was awesome!  She can be so good, when she wants to be.

We just Skyped with a good friend from Peru.  K was just silly.  But that’s just how it goes.  My friend showed us her house and outside.  It was very nice.  I would love to go see Peru someday.  She works with Compassion International.  What a great organization!

Bedtime went better.  We finished reading  a “Judy Moody” book.  What a cute story.  I recommend it for anyone who has a daughter starting to read chapter books.  We will read another “Judy Moody” book starting tomorrow.  It’s great to see K excited about reading a book.  She loves math too.  Just hope it stays like that until and after she graduates….. LOL  🙂

As for me, full-time parenting is exhausting after not doing it for a couple years.  I am still ready for her to come home full time.  I think the next couple weeks having her back at mom’s and in her routine will be good.  She goes back to school Monday.  Mom and Tiny will be in Texas until right before Easter.  What in the world am I gonna do while K is in school?  Guess I will get some good books to read and bring my laptop and write.  We’ll see how that goes.

All in all, even though frustrating at times, spring break 2012 wasn’t so bad.

Carver Park, Woodbury MN

Reading the book from the puppet show “Nalah and the Pink Tiger”

and hangin with mom!


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