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weight loss progress


Here are my progress pictures.  The first is before surgery at 332 pounds.    The second was in Jan with a 50 pound weight loss (I think) and then today is the last picture with a total of 90 pounds gone FOR GOOD!!!

I think I would have had more weight loss and looked a bit more toned if my knee hadn’t given me such a problems for the past 3 and half months.  This last shot I got when I went to Mayo Clinic has been amazing.  I am virtually pain free in my left knee.  I think I may ask the doc if they can do that shot in my right knee as well.

I have been thinking about my food program and how I need to adapt a little better when I am with K.  I know she needs to eat more healthy so I have to become more creative in getting her to eat better.  She loves junk food.  Being here at my mom’s, I see how much “junk” my mom has in the house.  Sugar cereals, chips, candy, etc.  I don’t have much of that at my place at all.  If K wanted a snack, it was fruit or yogurt or peanut butter toast or something like that.  Here, she goes for what she knows.  I try hard to limit it, but not always successful.

I got a few new shirts on clearance sale yesterday.  I actually was able to by a regular XL in the ladies section and it fits!  sooooo happy!!!  I am still amazed that I fit in a size 20 pants right now.  They fit alright but it won’t be long until they get loose.  I can feel that already.

I am at mom’s all this week and next.  Possibly until after Easter. K goes to Iowa City on that Tues after Easter.  Might as well stay until that is over.  Mom and Tiny will be leaving Texas on Thursday next week.  I am sure they will have stories to tell.

I have been washing clothes today.  The last load is in the washer.  Strange to wash clothes for more people than just me.  LOL  Jesse is here….which is nice.  He works most of the day at my brother in law’s.  He is a good kid.  Works hard.  His dirty clothes prove it.  They could probably walk on their own!  LOL

I will be going back up to St. Paul tomorrow for a couple appointments.  K has dance after school, so will be going to her daycare and they will take her.  I will be back to pick her up at 5pm.  It’s all good.


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