Life and Everyday

Monday in the woods….


I love being with my daughter….but living out here in the sticks at my mom’s for these past couple weeks…..OMG!!  Internet is so scarce….even tho I have hotspot on my phone, etc.  It just doesn’t hold out for very long.  I get a few moments here and there on the net and that is it.  Even went to Mc D’s today to update from my Kindle….the internet there sucked.  LOL  I am just having no luck lately.  (didn’t even win the millions in lotto! LOL)

I took K to the Urgent care clinic yesterday.  She has strep and tonsillitis.  Poor girl.  Her tonsils are like golf balls in her throat.  We talked about getting them out in the very near future.  I will have to find an ENT doc to get her in and looked at.  So antibiotics are working now.  She felt pretty good most of the day.  Kept her home from school like the doc said.

I did take her to her counselor today too.  E said that she is calming down in the past few weeks.  I think with K being with me has made a huge impact on her behavior.  E said that she has come a long way from being the angry 7 year old that was when she started seeing her.  I am glad K is doing better.  Talked to her counselor about me getting custody back too.  My mom has to initiate the court stuff…which I know.  We are both hoping that K can come home this summer and start school with me.  I just want my mom to be able to relax some and do her own thing.  Having both J and K here is hard for her somedays.  I love my mom to death….just wish I could do more to help her.

Not much happening otherwise.  I have read through 2 books and half way thru a 3rd now.  Playing lots of solitaire too.  So, I guess not a whole waste of time.  LOL



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