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Good Friday


Today is Good Friday….I saw a cartoon thing on Facebook the other day saying something like, I don’t understand why they call it good friday when a man was hung and died for me.  I wouldn’t call that good.

In the literal sense, nope, not good.  But in the Christian sense….God is so good.  Jesus died for ME.  How awesome is that.  He carried all of our sins and died for us….so that we can be free.  The best thing of all is that He raised up on Sunday….amazing!!!  His loves overcomes all!!  He loves us all….THAT MUCH!!!  I really like Easter season for all this…..not about bunnies and eggs and chocolate (though that is a bonus sometimes).  But the realization that God loves us.  Jesus died for us.  He rose and overcome death.

If you want to watch some awesome worship and a super message for Easter….starting tonight at 10 pm CST at   .  Pastor Craig is awesome.  Last year’s Easter services were just amazing.  I can’t wait to see what is in store for this weekend.  Awesome music…awesome message!!


Yesterday I traveled back to the Cities for a few appointments.  I had to get a B12 shot and then got a B1 shot as well.  That one left a bruise on my arm.  Gotta love it.   My 8 month check up at the U of M was great.  I have lost a total of 105 pounds now.  I have been at a plateau for a few weeks.  I think cuz I am not as active…or not in my routine from back home.  Being with K has kept me busy but not in the way I was when I was home.  I am not out walking everyday or swimming at the Y.  I need to get back on track.  I can’t believe my 3 weeks with K is coming to an end.  I so love being with her all the time.  Mom will be back later today from their trip.  I will be here though, until next Wednesday.

K and I will be hitting the grocery store this afternoon to get the fixin’s for Easter dinner.  We decided to cook for grandma and grandpa and J.  We are gonna make some cool desserts and a great fun dinner too.  Ham, sweet potatoes, glazed carrots, another salad, and crescent rolls.  For desert, fancy cupcakes and a strawberry dessert.  NO CALORIES at all.  LOL

Gotta get the eggs decorated and the place cards made too.  It will be a fun couple days with K getting stuff done and cooking and stuff.  She is a good helper and stuff.

It’s sunny but cool here in North Iowa this morning.  Was in the 30’s when I got up…but now sitting at 45.  I hope it gets a tad warmer.  I love spring.

Met with counselor Adam yesterday.  Talked about anxiety and relationships and stuff like that.  I have been having some anxiety attacks lately.  Along with the fibro stuff…makes for a bit of a cranky Julie.  LOL  I wish pain wasn’t a factor of my life every day.  It really makes me want to just sit as still as I can and do nothing.  Gotta keep moving.  Expected to do that.  Again and again.

Anyways, Have an excellent weekend.  Blessings to all.


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