Life and Everyday

Easter evening….


Well, the night before Easter.    Got quite a bit done today.  Laundry is all caught up.  Got cupcakes and the strawberry dessert made.  Well minus the toppers for the cupcakes….can’t put them on til tomorrow morning.  Mom isn’t feeling the greatest.  Her back is out, so I have been trying to help her all that I can today.  Gotta put K’s Easter Basket together tonight.

Headaches are going around the house today too.  Tiny has one, so do I.  Mom’s was earlier but coming back.  I hope we all aren’t getting sick.  That would not be good.

Easter is always one of my favorite holidays.  To think that Jesus died for me (and you).  He chose to go on the cross for me….totally blows my mind.  He rises tomorrow….again and again ….for us!!  The tomb will be empty…..



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