Life and Everyday

You exist….but do you live?


Too often I feel like I am just going through life and not really living.  Everyday lately seems like the last.

So, I have decided that I am going to do some things that will hopefully help me feel like I am really living life to the fullest.

1.  Love more – I need to love more….not pass judgement to fast.  I need to get out more and do the things that make me feel good.  I need to remember to tell the people that I really care about, that I love them….all the time….not just when it’s convenient.

2.  Go outside –   I need to get out in the fresh air.  Put on my daily calendar to go out and walk.  Experience nature.  Dance in the rain (when it’s not freezing outside 🙂  like above 50* out).    Stop and smell the flowers.  Maybe take my camera with me and shoot some nature pictures to share.

3.  Figure out what is most important to me – I need to make a list of the 5 most important things to me and focus on them.  Make time in my life for what’s really  important.

4.  Volunteer – being job hunting is slow going….I need to get myself out there and volunteer.  I know that helping others helps me to feel better about who I am and what I know and can offer others.

5.  Develop my spirituality – I need to spend more time with God.  I mean try to really feel His presence in my life.  Make a list of things I am grateful for.  Maybe write 5 things everyday that I am thankful for.  Pray….pray ….pray…

6.  Start a creative journal – Regular writing in a journal is something I have really grown out of.  I blog here.  Write my thoughts, complaints, my victories, etc.  But I want to be more creative.   I love to draw, doodle, create….

7.  Be in the moment – I gotta stop thinking about tomorrow and just live in today.  I worry about this not having a job or not having K with me full time and forget to live today.  I know worry causes major anxiety for me.  It also triggers some fibro crap for me too.  I don’t really think much about my past anymore.  Sometimes I stop and get stuck there but not like I used to be.  I know I can’t change the past…it’s better it’s behind me and will stay there.

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