Life and Everyday


 YAY!!  I have a job interview in the morning.  I am excited and nervous all at the same time.  I so want and need a job.  I just need to feel more productive than I have been.  I am doing stuff everyday but it all feels kinda rut like…if that makes sense.  I feel a bit of sadness/depression creeping in.  I don’t want or need that.  Especially when things are actually going pretty well.

I want things to just work out.  I have been doing well for almost 3 years with no hospitalizations other than surgery.  My mental health is finally stabilized where I feel pretty “normal”.  LOL  I hate that word.  I am still in therapy …see a counselor once a week.  Which is a life line for me most days.  Just being able to ask questions and get some different ideas on how to cope and deal with stuff is good for me.  Sometimes I wonder if I am too “therapized”.  LOL

Talked to my mom today.  She is doing better.  She had a tooth pulled this week and then when they pulled it….the crown came off the tooth next to it.  I really feel for her.  I am not fond of dentists.  LOL  K is doing good too.  Mom said she had kind of a rough day today.  This little boy in her class keeps hugging her and touching her when she doesn’t want him to.  I keep telling her to keep saying no to him and tell him to keep his hands off ya.  I also said that if he doesn’t listen to tell her teacher.  I hope that this kind of stuff stops.  This other kid is quite a big boy.  I don’t want her to be intimidated by him or anyone else.  I want her to be strong and stand up for herself.  It’s so hard to teach that sometimes.  Especially when it has been so hard for me in the past.  I better at it now….wayyyy better.  I don’t put up with much crap anymore.  LOL

I am starting a creative journal.  I want to start drawing and doodling again.  Maybe making collages or something.  I need to get to that calming part of me again.  I used to LOVE art work.  I got a really good book today in the mail.  Also got a new Judy Moody book for K and me for this weekend.  I will be traveling to Iowa again for the weekend.  I am excited about it.

Life is really ok right now.  So strange for me to say that.  But it truly is….and I am truly blessed.

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