Life and Everyday

Ever have those days where…..yeah..nothing is right?








Stupid is as stupid does.  That is what the saying goes.  –  that sumerazies my day to a day.

I can’t believe that I over medicated to just get through a day with a date that totally drives me insane.  I mean I made it though ok.  Sex was horrible but the rest of the date was ok.  I was able to be bold enough that he is moving way too fast for me.  I am uncomfortable with all that he is asking of me.  this medicine made me bold enough to speak my mind  I feel a bit loopy now and very tired.  I know this was not the way to deal wit this situation.

And onto other news:  classes start tomorrow.   I have one class tomorrow at 6pm.  should be fun.  I will be going early to talk with financial aid.  I hope that that portion works out for me.

my brain is mush…i can’t type.  i am sorry.  to be continued tomorrow.





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