Life and Everyday

Happy Mother’s Day

Well Mother’s Day is about over!!  I took my mom and daughter out to lunch at Godfather’s Pizza.  Not a typical fancy smanchy lunch but it was good.  We all liked it.

K is getting sick again.  And her mood was quite foul today.  oh well.  such is life with an 8 year old.  I hope she improves with age.  LOL

Mom is awesome.  I just love her so much.  She works so hard to all the right things for people.  She gets fed up with some of those folks (thank goodness I’m not one of them LOL).  Graduation parties and etc all weekend for them.  K and I went to Clover Kids 4H day on Saturday.  She made some pretty awesome projects to take to the fair next month.  The button flowers were my favorite.  I forgot my camera….so no pics this blog post.

I am going back to Iowa this coming Friday….K’s dance recital is Friday night.  Got to get some pics of that.  Also want a picture of Mom and K and me.  Also just one of me so that I can add it to my “comparison” pics from surgery in Aug. 2011.

Haven’t weighed in a couple weeks.  Guess maybe I should see where I am at.  Last total was 105 pound GONE!!  Swaaaaeeeeet!

Hope your Mother’s Day was great.

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