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5 Rules Every Parent Must LAY DOWN For The Summer!!

Got this from Epic   Go visit the site…AWESOMENESS!!

  1. YOU WILL Have Fun: Your kids need to know that fun is a HIGH priority for mom and dad.
  2. YOU WILL Work:  If you have younger kiddos, help them figure out how they will help around the house.  If you have older kids, lay down the law and let them know that they WILL work this summer.
  3. YOU WILL Read: Keep your kids intellectually sharp!  Make them read 2 books this summer, the catch is that you get to pick them!  Check out this list of GREAT BOOKS.
  4. YOU WILL Turn Off The Media:  The last thing you want is for your kids to be cooped up all summer playing computer games, watching TV and scrolling on Facebook.  I really think all parents should lay down the law this summer and place time limits on media and push your kids outside!
  5. YOU WILL Choose:  I encourage all parents to relenquish summer control to your kids.  Give them the permission, control and authority to decide how they want to spend their time this summer.  Parents should create some boundaries like the ones I mentioned, but give them some freedom to choose this summer.  (unless…you don’t trust your kiddos to choose :) )

For more info on the work thing, you should check out these posts…

What is 1 more “rule” that you can add to the “rules list”?

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