Life and Everyday

Happy Birthday!!

Today is my 42nd birthday.  I sure don’t feel it.  It’s been a rather relaxing day.  Haven’t done a whole lot of anything.  Got homework done, picked up some things downtown, went swimming at the Y, napped a bit, class, and now home.  Not really celebrating at all.  Bummer.  K did call and sing happy birthday to me tho.  That was great!!  Talked to my mom too.  She found a couch for me for the new place.

Don’t know if I wrote about that….I am moving to my own place again.  In a river town on the Mississippi.  Just about 15 minutes south of where I am now.  It’s a really pretty city.  I need to scope out the schools and stuff like that.  I will keep all the docs and such that I have here except maybe a family doc or GP.  I love my friends, but when it comes to moving…they sure aren’t much help  LOL.  Isn’t there a saying about moving…that is when you find out who your true friends are?  LOL

Not much else on my plate…I got enough.

Have a wonderful Tuesday night!!

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