Life and Everyday

Lost in a sea of stuff to do!!

Oh my goodness….talk about overwhelm lately.  So much going on…no time to post when I want to or need to.   LOL

Memorial weekend was fabulous.  Left Thursday morning and headed to southern MN.  Had a doc appt at Mayo Clinic for my knee….then went to pick up K.  We headed to Hickory Hills campground.  It was fun.  Friday, mom and T joined us.  The weather was a bit soggy a couple days there, but overall…was  an excellent long weekend.  Even if I had to spend time writing for my research class  LOL  Got up to 92*F on Sunday.  The pool was freezing but K loved it.  She got a sunburn of course.  And now has another sore throat.  Mom is going to see about getting her into the ENT doc to get those darn tonsils out.  That should be a fun time.  🙂

Weight loss is soooo slow going now or still, rather.  I haven’t lost but I haven’t gained either.  It sure is frustrating.  I have a ways to go until I get to my goal.  I have not been able to get to the YMCA to swim for about a week.  Just too many things going on.  I will be moving to my new place next weekend.  Tried to get it worked out for this weekend, but just too many people have graduations and such.  So no help on my end.  Next weekend will be ok tho.  K will be coming up after the fair.  She is taking some projects to be judged.  She actually isn’t old enough to be in 4H but Clover Kids get to take something they made.  So it’s fun for her.  Then she will be coming up on the weekend before the 18th of June.  She doesn’t know it yet, but she will be coming home with me for good now.  All the paperwork isn’t done yet, but we are working on that too.  I am so excited and nervous.  But more excited than anything.

Been talking to Adam about that today.  He keeps telling me that I am resilient.  I suppose that is a good word for it.  I keep getting knocked down or whatever, but I keep getting up and going forward.  I keep on trying to be and do better.  I have to….sick of being sick and sick of life seeming to just happen to me.  I want to DO my life.  I want to have fun and be adventuresome.  I need my life to be more than just existing.

I have to head to class soon.  Research methods class awaits me.  I will write more when I get home tonight after church.

I have lots more to say. ♥


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