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Going the Extra Mile

Going the extra mile is tough because it means stretching further after you’ve already stretched. It means giving more even after you’ve already given. The first part is like, “Oh, this is my Christian duty.” But the second part, the “above and beyond” part, is purely out of the kindness of your heart.

Maybe it’s just me, but the kindness of my heart is pretty shallow, like kiddie pool shallow. I have to get some super creative inspiration to want to do it.   I need to remind myself to do these things.  Though I have learned, that living here in the city is way different from the small farming community I grew up in.  I still say “Good Morning” and “Excuse me” if I accidentally  bump into someone while shopping.  I get funny looks from folks sometimes….but sometimes I get a smile.

The formula is simple:

  • Do something nice.
  • Do something else on top of that niceness that makes it super, duper special.

So the formula for coming up with ideas is simple too. First, ask yourself how you’re nice to others. Once you’ve answered that, ask yourself how you could make what you already do even more special.

Alternatively, you could ask God these questions. He’s pretty good with this too.

Matthew 5:41 Suppose someone forces you to go one mile. Go two miles with him.  42 “Give to the one who asks you for something. Don’t turn away from the one who wants to borrow something from you.

 Ways to go the extra mile and make a difference in our world:

  1.  If you are married or in relationship: choose to fall in love with your significant other again every day.
  2. Do not finish anyone else’s story even if you have heard it a dozen times.
  3. When someone gives you a gift write a handwritten thank you card.
  4. If someone asks you for directions, instead of telling them how to get there, show them
  5. Smile in the midst of confusion
  6. Take time and play with a child
  7. Instead of stuffing that present in a gift bag – take the time to gift wrap it with a beautiful bow.
  8. Pay for the cup of coffee for the guy who is honking at you in the Starbucks line.
  9. Be the first one to apologize after a disagreement
  10. Send flowers to someone who really made a difference in your life.
  11. Say thank you, look the person in the eye, smile, and mean it
  12. Always give more than 100% not from compulsion but from the overflow in your life.
  13.  When you send someone a greeting card, make it yourself and write your own personal message inside.
  14. When you give someone a book, write a note on the inside cover.
  15. When you give someone a picture, share on the back why you think it’s special.
  16. When you’re out with friends at a restaurant, surprise everyone by buying them dessert.
  17. When you schedule a time to meet, show up early to make sure everything is set up and ready to go for whatever you’re doing.
  18. When you’re trying to start a conversation with a stranger, ask, “What do you do for fun?” instead of just, “What do you do?
  19.  When you’re taking your garbage cans to the street for pickup, take out your neighbor’s while you’re at it.
  20. When everyone’s funneling through a busy doorway, hold it open for the whole line of people.
  21. When you leave a tip, leave a chocolate bar on top.

(1) Try some… no, to start with, try just one of these. Pick one, and do it today, like right now.

(2) What are some of your favorite examples of ways to go the extra mile? What do you like to do?



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