Life and Everyday

Physical Pain


Bout had enough of this low back and hip pain.  Been up since about 3:30 AM….I just couldn’t handle it.  I have a pretty high pain tolerance, but I have had enough.  Went to the ER around 4am….they took x-rays…no fractures or stress fractures or anything like that…thank the good Lord.  they gave me scripts for some pain meds.  thank you.  I hate them, but will use them when I need to.  They are also sending me to a spine clinic.  should be interesting.  I still need to google the places here in the Cities as I don’t know anything about them.

This sure will make moving next week fun.  NOT!!  I am going to have to make some major calls to friends and family up here. I can’t do this.  I am supposed to start PT on my knees next week too.  My freakin body HATES me.  I am so trying to get healthy and get rid of pain.  Losing weight that I need to.  Exercising more.  even after going to the ER today, I headed over to the YMCA and swam and did water aerobics.  didn’t get out of there until nearly 10 am.  doing the exercise helped loosen me up and stuff.  helped more than I thought.   I did a    LOT of stretching before and after.  I have only taken one pain pill today.  will probably take one before going to sleep.  just so that i can sleep.

I don’t know what else to do.  this is totally nuts.  to have this much pain.  i see the chiro just about twice every week.  he is trying hard to get my spine to be right adjusted.  it sticks for about 3 hours or so…then the pain returns.  I am not doing stupid crazy stuff to end up hurting my back again.  but something isn’t right.


sorry needed to vent a bit…

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