Life and Everyday

some people

Struggling a bit with some things said by a person I went to college with years and years ago. Have not seen this person since graduation day in 1990. Since then, they have gone their way…I have gone mine.

Apparently he says that “They post an endless stream of inane “positive” posters and sayings featuring kittens and rainbows and such drivel. She talks a good game, but what she should do is shut (what we call) the f*ck up and get on with it. She is a black hole of emotional need and is constantly posting in order to garner praise/reassurance from her ‘yes’ squad who tickle her ears and reinforce her delusions of moving in right direction. *Yawn*” and ” …and you think you are the only source of information about you? A little naive.”

I know I need to just let this go. But bothers me that people whom I haven’t had contact in years think they know so much about me NOW. and that YOU my friends here and otherwise are my “yes” squad?? hmmmmmm


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