Life and Everyday

Choose to be Happy

Today I will be getting whatever I can over to my new apartment.  Everything from the storage unit is moved.  I just need to get my clothes and other personal items over.  I will miss Robin but it’s time to get my life going with K coming up this weekend.  I want to make sure her bed is made and ready.  I need to get my bathroom and kitchen somewhat in order too.  Bad thing is that my furniture isn’t all where I want or need it to be.  So will see how it goes and if I can do it myself or need some muscle behind it.  My chiro will be in business for awhile  LOL

Yesterday instead of coming back to pack up stuff, I went to the Y and to swim out my frustrations with some people who are trying to put some roadblocks in my way of growing.  I have prayed and thought about stuff.  I have decided to NOT give them anymore “free rent” in my head and heart.  If they can’t see or don’t wanna see the changes I have made….it’s their problem not mine.  I choose to stick by my friends here and other places because they know me now. The real me. Even if they know parts of my past, they accept me where I am now. I choose to keep living and loving the way I have been for the past few years. God has been so good me…K is coming home. I have a new place to live. I have super friends. I have a great mom. I am blessed.
Amen. ♥

I have some of the most wonderful friends in the world.  They are honest with me and kick my butt when it needs to be kicked.  I may get upset, but then, realize I probably needed it at that time.  We all do that from time to time.

I chose to be and remain well.  I chose to be happy and content with all that I am and what I am doing.

I want to share a couple songs that helped me through yesterday.

Tenth Ave North – Losing


Big Daddy Weave – “Redeemed”





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