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Life Changing


I found myself complaining a bit today.  Trying to start a new routine.  K is home with me now.  She was up way too early this morning (5:15am).  too early for this OLD lady.  LOL  Our routine won’t be really routine for a couple more weeks.  This week, every morning will be VBS.  Get to the church by 8:45am.  done at noonish.  Then finding stuff to do in the afternoon.  I think it will be a week of exploring.  Getting to know Hastings better.  Go down by the river and see that…lock and dam is here.  Trails, parks, beaches near by.  Walking trails, etc.  We don’t have all her things here yet.

She gets her tonsils out on the 25th.  Will be with grandma for a few days while I have my last day of class next week on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Then I am done with class for a week or so break.  She will have a bit of recovery/down time.  Time for reading and movies and lots of popcicles and jello for a while.  Scrambled eggs with cheese…etc.  I know she will be in pain too.  gotta get my patience level up.  i hate it when she hurts and I can’t fix it right away.  But hope and pray it won’t be a long recovery process.

still unpacking boxes as well.  need to get that done and stuff put in places they need to be.  hanging pictures later….whenever everything is in it’s place.  I need to get over to Robin’s to get stuff picked up and put away and wash the sheets and stuff from my stay there.  Maybe this week I can squeeze that in too.

We are in a severe thunderstorm alert now.  so i better close for now.  Need to find something to eat since i missed supper time.  ugh.  left over pizza….sounds good.

night everyone.


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