Life and Everyday

finally Friday

Waiting is hard.  I know that things will fall into place eventually.  K is still healing up from tonsil surgery.  I wish that was a faster process as well.  She feels better when she takes her tylenol and motrin.  But getting her to take is is like pulling teeth.  I am tired.  Being a single mom really sucks sometimes.  So much to do… little energy right now.  I am still working on boxes.  Told K that tomorrow I was doing my room and hers.  gonna try to get stuff rearranged and some pictures up.

My second set of classes started yesterday.  I only have class on Mondays and Tuesdays.  The rest is all online.  They are blended classes like last term.  This term I am taking Ethics in Contemporary Society and Personality Theory.  Both seem like lots of reading and note taking.  When they are blended class like this…we have to write papers every week.  Some hard, some not that much.  With the 4th falling in the middle of the week like this year….our classes are kind of squished up for this first week or two.  So playing catch up as I spent one more day in Iowa at mom’s…more than I wanted to.

I am still worried about finances right now.  I know I have enough money to cover rent and utilities and phone and stuff.  But certainly doesn’t leave much for anything else.  I have been looking and putting in apps again all over.  Lots of no thank emails and phone calls.  Discouraging but I need to get on the ball with this too.

I am also working on filling out a couple scholarship applications.  I know there are so many other folks that do this too.  I feel like my chances of getting one are next to none.  UGH.

On a different note.  I have been taking Celebrex for the past week.  My pain levels have decreased tremendously.  I am able to get up and do stuff without that constant pain.  I ache from fibro and lupus stuff, but my joints don’t hurt nearly as bad.  Turning 40 made my body fall apart.  LOL

Time to turn in I think.

until next time….


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